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Crown of Magic - signed paperback

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Passions run deep at Beltane - too deep.

With the Beltane Festival approaching, the preparations in White Haven are in full swing, but when emotions soar out of control, the witches suspect more than just high spirits.

As part of the celebrations, a local theatre group is rehearsing Tristan and Isolde, but it seems Beltane magic is affecting the cast, and all sorts of old myths are brought to the surface.

The May Queen brings desire, fertility, and the promise of renewal, but love can also be dark and dangerous.

Avery finds that her emotions are vulnerable to the primal magic that courses through the town, as are the other witches, and suddenly relationships are under pressure as they have never been before.

When the Beltane fires burn, will the town burn with them?

If you love witches, myths, and action-packed urban fantasy, grab your copy of Crown of Magic now!

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