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The StarGate Opening Seven Voices Seals

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This package includes The full Color PDF Ebook &The Soundtracks For each Seal .

The opening of the Stargate involves the activation of seven vibratory keys, which serve as seals that facilitate entry into elevated states of consciousness. These seals are unlocked through the interaction of sound. Embedded within these seals is a profound knowledge, referred to as gnosis, which prepares individuals for ascension and awakens them to their utmost potential.

At the core of each seal lies a twelve-pointed star, which is subsequently deconstructed into four triangles known as gates. Each gate represents a transformative movement or activation towards higher levels of consciousness and is associated with one of the seven names of God from the Shem Ha-Mephoresh, the sacred Hebrew names of God. Through engagement with these seals, the gates of new consciousness begin to unfold within the individual. The vibrational energies imbued within each seal, through the utilization of sacred geometry, Hebrew fire letters, holy names of God, and sound activations, establish a field of energy within the seal.

Contained within each seal is a metaprogram in the form of a mandala. These metaprograms function as transmissions aimed at removing the veils of illusion and restoring one's memory regarding the true nature of the self and one's divine purpose.

The seven voices, an extraordinary gift, have been chronicled in historical texts and concealed within the elements, entwined with our past, present, and future. The opening of the Akashic records and the restoration of the lost teachings of the apostles are imminent. By cultivating discipline and establishing a connection with one's higher self and oversoul, valuable information required for fulfilling one's heavenly mission on Earth during this lifetime will be acquired.

Each seal is enveloped by the holy presence of Shekinah, which governs the flow of energy based on an individual's capacity for growth. Should it be in one's journey to work with these seals, immediate recognition will arise. Guidance from the oversoul will directly navigate the seeker through the sacred alchemy of sound, unlocking the vibrational codes embedded within the seven voices. Comprehensive descriptions of the holy names inscribed within each seal are provided on dedicated pages. By utilizing this divine speech and sound, known as Dabar, complete access to the authentic record and memory of one's true self can be obtained.

The purpose of the seven voices is to construct a secondary Tree of Life for each soul. This Tree is a reflection from the higher realms, designed to aid individuals in the lower aeons. The entirety of humanity is influenced and controlled by the lower body of creation, represented by the seven chakras. The lower powers exert their dominion over this lower body of creation. Therefore, the utilization of this tool allows access to an additional body that exists in the higher realms, serving as a guiding light for one's soul. This higher aspect of self assists in liberating individuals from the cyclical nature of the lower fates.

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1 month ago

Wow! Beyond Words the power of these symbols with music!

To say this is profound would be an understatement. Within the quantum frequency technology is these powerful energies to work with. This beautifully written PDF book supplies the actual beautiful symbols with a beautifully Wonderful soundtrack that goes directly with each symbol! Each symbol has detailed very well written instructions on how to use it along with the soundtrack that expands my Consciousness in so many ways connecting it directly to the divine, that there is no way to explain this in a short review. This is a must for all quantum future technology app users! Wow! So glad I was guided to get this!
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