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BMW Accessories Video

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Before viewing the video, please take note of the following information:

CAUTION: Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information
in this video, this video was designed to enhance your knowledge of the accessories
available, and installation techniques. It is not designed to replace a maintenance
manual, or to give 100% complete information on any procedure. Any damage done
to a motorcycle, or injury to persons viewing this video are solely the responsibility
of the viewer, and not the responsibility of the makers of this video!

NOTE: This video was created using BMW motorcycles, however each of the
procedures are also applicable to many other brands and styles of motorcycles with
the use of a little common sense. If you are not completely confident in your ability
to install an accessory, seek knowledgeable assistance.

Watch the entire procedure before attempting any procedure. Some information is at the
end of a segment.

The wiring diagrams for this video are on my website, and you can right click on them and
save them to your home computer.

The video was recorded in the highest quality possible. It plays very well, and very clearly,
on a standard video player. Although every effort was made to accommodate all types of
video players, some computers, especially laptops, may experience reduced quality video.
The sound levels were recorded a little high, so start with the volume turned down a little.
Additionally, though there are chapters in the video. You can forward to each one at the
below time frames.

1. Fuzeblock (1:01)
2. Ancillary Items (29:34) Lights, and mounts)
3. HID Install (44:20)
4. Battery Install (Odyssey) (1:01:20)
5. Bar Riser Install (ROX) (1:12:27)
6. Foot Peg Install (1:22:53)
7. Seat Cover Install (1:29:22)
8. Throttle Lock Install (1:42:48)

If you find any discrepancies, or have any suggestions for improvements or additional DVD
productions, please contact Jim Bade at

NOTE: The Accessories Installation video may not be reproduced in whole, or in
part, in any way without the express written permission of JVB Productions.

Copyright © JVB Productions 2019
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  • MP4 (4GB)
  • PDF (30KB)
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