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"New Dress" Step Into Your True Essence - Guided Hypnotherapy MP3

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🌟 Hello Friend,

I am delighted you have decided to claim this special gift – "New Dress," is a 7-minute guided hypnotherapy session you can easily fit into your day.

🎁 Your Exclusive Gift: "New Dress" Guided Hypnotherapy

This recording is actually one in a series of 5 - it is an invitation to embrace positive change and step into the true essence of you with confidence.

Please enjoy this recording with my compliments x

✨ If You are Ready for Deeper Exploration? Discover awareness, resilience and your true self this year

Curious to continue this transformative journey? Buy the "Stepping Into You" toolkit at available as a printable E-book or a beautiful colour A4 paper version.

🌈 "Stepping Into You": Your Personal Transformation Toolkit

Crafted from 10 years experience as a Transformative Change Coach, this toolkit seamlessly blends guided meditations, self-reflection, and transformative tools. It's your roadmap to clarity, confidence, and a more fulfilled life.

🌟 Why Choose "Stepping Into You"?

  • Clarity: Uncover your goals and aspirations
  • Stress Relief: Manage stress and enhance well-being
  • Confidence: Build a deeper sense of empowerment
  • Positive Habits: Foster a healthier lifestyle
  • Mind-Body Connection: Harmonise your mind and body.

🌟 Because the most beautiful dress is the one that reflects your true self.

To your success,


Jessica Vassallo

Trainer and Award-winning Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy

07957 556856

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You will get a MP3 (4MB) file

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