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The Ice Circus (Captain Erroneous Smith Book #1)

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Disgraced Ice Master, Erroneous Jeremiah Smith, has a tainted heart. Cursed to live a half life, and haunted by night terrors, Smith is drawn to the Arctic in search of a cure, but denied every opportunity by the British Admiralty.

Inuppaaq is a young Greenlander, guided by the village shaman to begin her apprenticeship, but when her brother is taken by the Eqqillit, she will risk everything to save him.

Destined to meet, Smith and Inuppaaq discover that their quests are linked by the dark magic of the Arctic.

The Ice Circus is a fantastical and chilling adventure set in the heyday of Arctic Exploration, drawing on the author’s own experience of living in the far north of Greenland.

Blending the bright lights and showmanship of the circus with the dark magic of the Arctic, The Ice Circus is for fans of Philip Pullman and Naomi Novik. 

If you like stories of polar pursuit, Northern Lights, and shamanism then be sure to pick up The Ice Circus today.
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