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Constable David Maratse

This series of novellas features Constable David Maratse during the early years of his short-lived career. Called Qilingatsaq by his anaana (West Greenlandic for mother) and ataata (father), Maratse's life is one long series of adventures and misadventures, set in the stunning but harsh country of Greenland.

Maratse is a hunter at heart and wears the jacket to match. He is closer to the land than the people, and yet... well, I won't give anything away. But to those readers who discovered Maratse in the Greenland Crime series of novels, this is his backstory... all 20 of them (to date).

Maratse appeared for the very first time in The Ice Star.

Piteraq (Sirius Sledge Patrol #1)