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Vintage Drums Vol01 features more than 240 one-shot vintage sounding hand-picked acustic drumsamples, recorded and edited with love to be production-ready with a warm tone and characterful flavour. The sound is rich and expressive, old-school but great for modern music.
Various drums and sources were recorded. Tube and VCA compressors, analog eqs, spring reverbs, vintage desks and gritty samplers were also involved in the production, in order to make this pack warm sounding, full of soul and body.

Vintage Drums Vol01 is tailored for a wide array of genres: dubstep, soul, funk, footwork, hip hop, trip hop, pop, rock, dub, trap, crunk, jungle, skweee, drum & bass, library music, rock...

(This sample pack gathers more than 240 one-shot samples. All sounds are in WAV, 24-bit 48kHz stereo format. It costs only $5,90)

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