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Regulation of Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data in Asia (softcover)

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Regulation of Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data in Asia (May 2018)

by Dr Clarisse Girot (general editor)

The Compendium comprises 14 reports (Jurisdictional Reports) prepared by the Jurisdictional Reporters on the regulation of cross-border transfers of personal data in 14 Asian jurisdictions.

The first of its kind in Asia, the Compendium provides a holistic study of the regulation of data transfers in these different jurisdictions, which goes beyond a mere study of data transfer provisions in Asian data privacy laws to address the wider spectrum of issues that have an impact on the legal framework of cross-border data flows. It is designed for governments, data privacy regulators, law practitioners and industry, in Asia and beyond, to understand the scope, the operation and the implementation of regulations applicable to data transfers and data localisation requirements in the region.

On 2 December 2019, ABLI published of the Chinese translation of the Compendium. The translation was made possible with contribution of Peking University and a network of senior data protection officers in China.


Foreword (pp. iii–v)

The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon


Dr Clarisse Girot (pp. 1–16)

Australia (pp. 17–61)

Reporter: Peter G Leonard

China (pp. 62–94) 

Reporter: Kemeng Cai

Hong Kong SAR China (pp. 95–116)

Reporter: Mark Parsons

India (pp. 117–141)

Reporters: Amber Sinha and Elonnai Hickok

Indonesia (pp. 142–164)

Reporters: Justisiari P Kusumah and Danny Kobrata

Japan (pp. 165–187)

Reporter: Kaori Ishii

Macao SAR (China) (pp. 188–214)

Reporter: Graça Saraiva

Malaysia (pp. 215–246)

Reporter: Abu Bakar Bin Munir

New Zealand (pp. 247–277)

Reporter: Katrine Evans

Philippines (pp. 278–314)

Reporter: J J Disini 

Singapore (pp. 315–342)

Reporter: Ken Chia

South Korea (pp. 343–382)

Reporter: Kwang Bae Park

Thailand (pp. 383–393)

Reporter: David Duncan

Vietnam (pp. 394–409)

Reporter: Waewpen Piemwichai

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