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The Definitive Guide to Franchise Research

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"The Definitive Guide To Franchise Research," is a revolutionary easy-to-follow guide that will help you become an expert franchise researcher right from your PC, Tablet or Laptop. And it's available as an Instant Download.

Reminder: Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Get With The Guide

1. A huge list of the right questions to ask franchise salespeople, so you can get specific (and sometimes hidden) details about the franchises you’re investigating

2. Never-before revealed online franchise research techniques you can use immediately to obtain information on any franchise opportunity that’s currently being offered

3. How to easily get real information on your potential earnings as a franchisee so you get a clear picture about what life could be like when you make your decision

4. When and how to contact franchisees, including a powerful, one-of-a-kind technique that will enable you to find out how much money they’re making in their franchise business without looking foolish

5. A comprehensive list of questions to ask franchisees when you contact them by phone or pay them a visit, that will practically force them to tell you everything they know

6. Techniques on how to find unhappy franchisees, so you can find out some of the negative aspects of the franchise

Includes Free Access To My Private Email Account!
Email me your most burning questions about the franchises you're researching, and I'll answer your questions personally*.  

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Invest a little money now, so you can avoid big-money mistakes, later!

Your guide was incredibly helpful in preparing me for franchisee validation calls with the franchises I am looking at. Made the validation calls easier for both sides since I was prepared with good questions to ask. I will be in touch soon before I attend any discovery days to get some independent consulting from you.”
– Frank Kirchhoff, New Franchise Owner of PMI, Orlando, Florida

Includes a 30-day 100% no-risk, money-back guaranteee

I'm The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I've included my 20 years of franchising knowledge in this guide-including new ways to do research online. 

You're going to find my Guide super-helpful. 

You will get a PDF (3MB) file