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Customer Journey Path Mapping

diagram of how a prospect and customer interacts with your business

What is a Customer Journey Map?

It's a visual list of all of the actions your customers perform throughout their interaction with your brand. It will list out or diagram all the customer touch points. Touch points are all the places on your website that your customers can interact with you. It will also include all front-facing points like social media profiles pages and maybe even your emails. Based on research, the mapping will list out all the touchpoints your customers and prospects are currently using.

Why do I need this?

This customer-focused consulting work will gain you a deeper understanding of your customers actions so that you can maximize your interactions for action, like buying, signing up or attending an event.

Different target audiences behave differently and touchpoints might need to be adjusted to speak to each group. This work will help you remove obstacles with stronger instructions and content, and add further customer service elements throughout the journey. You will be able to see where your prospects might be dropping off or losing contact where you expected further action.

You need to maximize your touchpoints and have a tight plan for followup in order to grow your customer base.

Sandra Lynn

An experienced strategic marketing planning advisor, business development consultant, ecommerce and eLearning expert, and seasoned 7x business owner, Sandra Lynn has helped hundreds of leading businesses and agencies organize for growth. She’s a real marketer with an MBA background and over 20 yrs experience online serving people and companies in over 17 countries.

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