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Paperback - Through the Valley: One family's journey through PTSD

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Veteran Andy Summers came home from the war, but the battle of his life was only beginning…

Andy returned from deployment with a hatred for muslims and nightmares he refused to share with anyone, especially his wife, Tina. Reaching out for help was weak. His brain tormented him day and night but he was strong enough to stop the demons, even if it meant taking his own life.

Tina watched her husband’s mental health spiral, his denial leaving her powerless and alone in their marriage. While Andy was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Tina answered “What’s wrong with Daddy?” questions from their sons.

When terrorism at home intensified Andy’s PTSD symptoms, they began to lose hope of life getting better…

Until the day Andy met an Imam.

True life events woven into a compelling narrative of torment, faith, forgiveness and healing.

Ebook - Through the Valley: One family's journey through PTSD


Tina Summers

Tina is an author and artist. She lives with her husband, Andy, and two sons in Eastern Australia.