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A completey new done-for-you ebook ready to resell!
You keep 100% of the profits!
Rebrand, edit, convert to a Kindle eBook, or simply sell it as is... it's your choice!

This product isn't just another "101 tips" type of eBook; it's a full-blown course so that your customers can take action on the course, rather than leaving it to collect dust.

And don't forget, it's all done for you!

Expect To Receive The Highest Quality Resell Product In The Market

When you get this reseller rights ebook, expect to receive the best. I made sure it's a product I would be proud to release and sell myself, so my team and I have gone the extra mile and put 110% into this product.

Here are a few top reasons why you need to grab this Resell Package:

High-Quality Content. Copyscape Passed 100%

Rest assured knowing that the content produced is original and not plagiarized, recycled or copied. We use certified writers only!

Complete Reseller Rights

Sell the read-only, resell rights or master resell rights to this product to increase revenue!

Keep 100% of The Profits!

As you’ll be the owner of this product, you get to keep 100% of the sales plus any leads you generate.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get Inside...

High Quality Ebook

The book is called Instagram Ads Success. It's a completely brand new guide sharing step-by-step, how to tap into the full potential of instagram ads success - even if you have no idea where to start.
  • It's not just another eBook filled with theory and fluff, it will guide the reader all the way and get him or her to take action by the end of the guide.
  • It is a practical guide. You can rest assured knowing that this eBook was written by a fluent writer who holds a Certified English Degree, and was chosen based on industry expertise.
License Pack
You will receive the complete license rights document. Sell the read-only, resell rights or master resell rights to this product for 100% of the profit!

Even if you have no plan or desire to resell this product, you'll get a ton of value out of what's shared in the guides!

And of course, you'll get the Resell Rights certificates. These certificates grant you rights to the above.

Grab These Amazing Bonuses When You Take Action Now!

Bonus 1: Instagram Ads Success Printable Checklist

As soon as your customers finish going through the eBook, they can follow this complete checklist that's like a summary of all the important points from the eBook, except that these are actionable steps easy to digest.
  • Formatted for print. You can simply print and check off the points you've completed.
  • A great companion to the main eBook that your customers will highly appreciate.

Bonus 2: Instagram Ads Success Resource Guide

In this resource cheat sheet, you'll get a rolodex of top sites, books, tools, software and more! It includes resources such as:
  • Top apps, tools and sites.
  • Top blogs and forums.
  • Top tips and how to's.
  • and more!
You can add your own resources, too! You could add products/services you're an affiliate of, and of course your own products so you can increase your profits on the backend!

Bonus 3: Instagram Ads Success Mindmap
A quick glance over this mindmap and you'll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the main guide.
  • This mindmap adds even more value to your customers because some are more "visual" learners.
  • Provided in high-resolution JPG & PNG (transparent) format making it perfect for print.
And again, you can add your own resources, too! Insert your own products or other products or services that you sell as an affiliate to increase your profits!

How Much Is All This Worth To You?

When you consider everything you're getting in this Resell Package, it should be a no brainer.

Remember, we've done all the hard work in creating this potential best-seller for you:
  • eBook - DONE
  • Professionally-designed graphics - DONE
  • Complete License & Certificates - DONE
We've saved you time and a heap of money, and you and I both know that time is valuable.

Today, you can grab the entire Resell Rights Ebook for a measly $97.00.

But hold on...

For this special introductory offer and to celebrate the launch of this Resell Product, I'd like to offer it to you at a discounted investment of just $97.00. $17.95

100% Rock-Solid Money Back Guarantee To You

Honestly, if you're not fully delighted and thrilled with the Resell Package (eBook, License Rights & reseller Rights Certificates), simply request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, and still keep access to all the material, with my compliments! Just send a ticket here. That's how absolutely certain I am that you will find tremendous value from this package.

No questions asked. No hard feelings. You really have nothing to lose.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get instant access to the entire Resell Package today...

You Will Get Instant Access To:
  • High Quality Ebook
  • License Pack

Your Fast-Action Bonuses:
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: Printable Checklist
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: Resource Cheat Sheet
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: Mind Map

P.S. - With a complete Resell Package including a comprehensive eBook on a hot topic, reseller certificates, license and bonuses, you've got everything you need to start selling it for profit! The only thing left for you to do is take action and make your investment right now.
You will get a ZIP (9MB) file
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