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Raw Food Immersion - the successful approach for a healthy raw food lifestyle

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If you are interested in living food, its health benefits, and encouragement, then Raw Food Immersion, the successful approach for a healthy raw food lifestyle, is for you!

  • Topics covered are the sugar and fat myth, health benefits of leafy green smoothies, truth about health, how to find your why, and how to deal with social gatherings, and more!
  • One of the important things you’ll learn is how to amp up your nutrient intake. A great and easy way is through the use of sea moss gel. A gem from the sea. I’ll also share how you can make your own gel, while saving a lot of money doing so
  • Enjoy delicious oil and salt free recipes, such as Dan Dan noodles, green goodness burritos, and carob paradise
  • Unlock tips, hacks, and affirmations to successfully embrace healthy habits
  • Minimal kitchen tools needed and no dehydrator required
  • A 7 day meal planner and shopping list is included
You will get a PDF (56MB) file
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