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The Realistic Mom Planner - It’s Your Turn Mama

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I created The Realistic Mom Planner for those who are struggling and want to feel better and live better.


Downloadable for Notability, Goodnotes, and any PDF editor with Hyperlinks

2 Planner covers available via zip file

High quality easy to navigate within 2 clicks

57 pages US letter size

Divided into 4 Key Sections:

Weekly Planners





Meal Planner

What positive change are you hoping to create?

-Being more present with your children

-Being more patient with your loved ones and yourself

-Practicing being more gentle on yourself

-Lessen overstimulation and gain more mental and physical energy in your life

- Recreate the person you are to be in alignment with whom you want to be

-Grieve identity loss and work through emotions to regain confidence

-Overcome your struggle with self-neglect

-Practice forming healthy habits

-Practice intentional family time to ensure healthy communication

-Plan meals and daily tasks in a reasonable manner

-Manage finances and projected budgets

-Set reasonable expectations of yourself daily and monthly

-Intentionally reflect on your life and day

This planner incorporates a lot of realistic struggles that many stay-at-home moms and moms in general deal with.

I personally utilize this planner because I am a mom who struggles with overstimulation, anxiety, mom guilt, time management, forming healthy habits, good thought habits, good work habits, etc.

With real intention and consistency this planner will support you to become the type of person and mom you want to be:

Pay attention to the areas of your life that you are not so thrilled about and figure out how you got there, and trade those thoughts with the type you want in order to live the life you deserve.

You deserve more as a mom and sometimes the village we have is not enough, and other times we don't have one.

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