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Stop Fighting Yourself.

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What if YOU are What's Holding You Back?

Are you waiting for a time ‘when’ life will be great for you?
Have you ever dreaded the phone ringing?
Do you ever feel others are doing better than you?
Have you ever felt life would be better if only...
How you see the world around you is something you have created.
Learn how to be ‘you’ and not everyone else’s image of you.
Tell your ego to get lost.

“The Less You Do, The More You Get”.

Exercise 1: Exposing your ego. Get rid of the ego’s power by deconstructing perceptions.
Exercise 2: We are all one. The ego believes in separation. 
Exercise 3: Get rid of illusions and projections so you don’t feel the need to compete with everyone.
Exercise 4: Everything in your outer world is a result of your inner world. Accept that. 
Exercise 5: Ask for your miracles. They’re yours.

*We’re here to co-create.
*Stop Guilt and Fear from holding you back.
*Perceptions begin when you feel you lack something.
*Fear is when your mind is split two ways.
*Only your mind can produce fear.
*Fear leads to you miscreating.
*Beliefs can make anything seem real.
*Perception is temporary.
*Reality opposes nothing. It just is.
*You are living an illusion. 
*How you are denying yourself.
*Know why you do what you do.
*When you decide, then you are free.
*How to manipulate your pictures. 
*Whatever you accept into your mind becomes real for you.
*Guilt lives in the past. You don’t.
*Past pain controls the future.
*Co-creating demystified.
You will get a MP3 (93MB) file
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