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Fantasy Short Story Collection Volume 1: 4 Fantasy Short Stories

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4 enthralling action packed fantasy short stories in one great collection!


Dragon Rider

An Exiled Prince. A New Problem. A Dragon Training Facility.

Dragons need Riders.

Exiled Dragon Rider Cato loves dragons. He trains them. He waits for a recruit.

But what trouble does the recruit bring?

If you enjoy enthralling unputdownable epic fantasy short stories with a wonderful romantic twist, you’ll love this!

Emissary of Blood

A Diplomatic Mission. A Lust for Blood. A Cult to Kill them all.

I always serve my Empress. I love my country. 

When a mission goes wrong, all seems lost. Can I survive and stop the threat? Or will I lose everything to the Bloody Hand?

The Bloodied Rose

An old man. A dead body. A conspiracy to burn a country.

Alvis always serves his Empress. Regardless of the trouble he finds.

Discovering a dead body is normal for Alvis. Especially on a diplomatic mission for his Empress. Yet the Bloodied Rose on the body is weird.

Can Alvis unravel the conspiracy before war is declared and innocent people die?

If you love action-packed urban fantasy adventures. You will love this fantasy short story.

Feline of The Lost

An exiled soldier. A land of enemies. A Feline his only hope.

Trevis loves his country as a soldier.

Trevis walks the desert alone. He knows he deserves it. Trevis disgraces his country with his actions. Can he find salvation?

Can he fight for his country a final time? Or will he die forgotten and unloved in a hostile country?

If you love action packed, page turning fantasy short stories with twists giving you the perfect escape, you need this great short story!

You will get a TXT (178B) file

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