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The Cocktails and Denim Library Bar

Welcome to The Cocktails and Denim Library Bar. This is a subscription club that gives you early access to my work as it is created, behind the scenes looks at the books as they are being written, ARCs, swag, merchandise, and even signed paperbacks. Simply choose your level and let's have some fun. 

Select a membership level below to get started


per month

Tequila members get digital access to 1 to 2 chapters of the current WiP


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per month
Cocktail members get the same perks as Tequila members PLUS free ARCs of my WiP prior to release. 
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per month
Whiskey members get all the perks of the first two levels PLUS exclusive cover reveals and a welcome swag pack. 

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per month

Champagne members get all the previous perks PLUS exclusive merchandise (cups, bags, hats, t-shirts)  four times a year :)


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