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Guru and Disciple (In Portuguese)

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Among the myriad of relationships in life, the one between a Guru and disciple is most sacred and unique.

In the book “Guru and Disciple”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan provides insight into the nature of the Guru-disciple relationship and offers in-depth answers to questions like:

“What are definitions of Guru, and disciple? How is a Guru necessary in spiritual transformation?”

“How does a spiritual Guru differ from a spiritual teacher, a spiritual advisor, or from spiritual people in general?”

“How do I find a Guru with the spiritual power to grant me spiritual enlightenment required in a  spiritual life?”

“Among the many spiritual teachers accessible today, do I need to find a Guru with a certain level of spiritual development or spiritual awareness?”

For those on a spiritual quest, seeking spiritual growth, or simply desirous of spiritual guidance, this book provides an invaluable resource among the spiritual books available on the Guru-disciple.

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