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Masterclass! Which country is the most tax friendly for successful crypto entrepreneurs?

Master class international taxation.

How to avoid taxes in a creative but legal way…

What will we discuss?

Which country is the most tax-friendly for successful crypto entrepreneurs?

Hiding your crypto income is very difficult and in most cases illegal!

So best to move and change your tax residency, but where to go?

We compare some countries in detail: such as

  • Dubai/UAE
  • Bulgaria
  • Portugal
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands

Or is it better to opt for a tax haven such as BVI, Monaco, Andorra, or Liechtenstein?

Or how about becoming a digital nomad and not paying your taxes anywhere….?

In this masterclass, you will get all the answers and plenty of time to ask questions!

Iven De Hoon

Iven De Hoon is trained as a lawyer (Antwerp, Belgium), and is also master in tax and accounting at the acclaimed Vlerick Institute (Ghent, Belgium).

He has published many articles and books on different tax topics and has more than 25 years’ experience.


25th of August 2022 – 5 PM CET

  • You will receive a Zoom meeting invitation link
  • You can ask after the masterclass questions or later by mail.

Our fee?

Masterclass! A stairway to tax h(e)aven