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45 Baby shower games bundle

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~~The price is set to pay what you want (you can get it for free by keeping the price 0$) as most of our client will be using just few of the games and activities listed in the pdf file. and we surely don't want to over price it, so feel free to pay what you want :) ~~

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All times favorite baby shower games in one pack:
in this bundle I included 45 diffrent games and activities to choose from to Make the most of your baby shower Party.

What you will get :

  • 1 digital file
  • type: pdf
  • pages:59 page

You will get a PDF file of 59 pages that contains the following games:

  1. how well do you know the mommy
  2. bingo
  3. baby word scramble
  4. animal pregnancy
  5. the price is right
  6. baby items abc
  7. who said it mom or dad
  8. over or under
  9. what in your purse
  10. whats in your phone
  11. baby animal match
  12. advice for the mommy
  13. find the guest bingo
  14. baby predictions and advice
  15. celebrity baby names
  16. what did the dad say
  17. whould she rather
  18. what did the mommy say
  19. baby traits
  20. baby trivia
  21. emoji baby book pictionary
  22. dear baby
  23. match the candy bar
  24. pacifier hunt
  25. left and right
  26. don't say boy or girl
  27. don't say baby
  28. how big is mommy's belly
  29. baby around the world
  30. bucket list
  31. baby mad libs
  32. baby name race
  33. how well do you know dad to be
  34. who am i
  35. guess how many candies are in the jar
  36. guess how many kisses are in the jar
  37. how olds were the parents to be
  38. name the baby song
  39. name the baby tune
  40. nursery rhyme
  41. how well do you know parents to be
  42. guess the sweet mess
  43. guess whats in the nappy bag
  44. the old wives tales
  45. character match story book
You will get a PDF (216MB) file
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