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Weight Loss For Your Body Type

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Table of Contents
1. The Battle against Weight Gain
What are My Options?
2. Diet Plans to Avoid at All Costs!
The Truth about Diet Pills 
Lousy Laxatives
Deadly Eating Disorders
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Bulimia Nervosa 
Anorexia Nervosa 
Common Food Myths
Myth: Artificial Sweeteners are Dangerous or Cause Cancer 
Myth: Diet Sodas Help You Lose Weight 
Myth: Eating At Night Makes You Fat 
Myth: Carbs are the Enemy
Myth: Natural Flavor is better than Artificial
3. Lifestyle Diet Changes 
Things to Remove from Your Diet
High-Sugar Energy Drinks 
Things to Keep in Moderation 
Sugar, Certain Dairy Products, Fat and Oils 
What Should Make Up the Bulk of Your Diet 
Whole Grain Breads 
Beans and Legumes 
Brown Rice & Whole Grain Pasta 
Fabulous Fruits!
Chicken and Fish
Delightful Dairy Products 
4. Exercise: The Key to Fitness 
Aerobic Exercise 
Anaerobic Exercise 
An Exercise Routine
Predefined Plans
5. Commercial Weight Loss Plans
Weight Watchers 
Jenny Craig
6. Plastic Surgery and Then some
Plastic Surgery
The Lap Band 
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Putting it All Together
Make a Lifestyle Change 
Don’t Give Up
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