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This is not your average calendar.

If you want to know when Easter is or Rosh Hashanah is, there are probably different calendars you might want to use.

But I recommend getting the Ruby-Mae of the Day calendar as a complement to your conventional calendar because here’s the thing: This one is full of inspiring people and quirky national days to celebrate or causes that deserve more attention that the average calendar does not devote ink to at all. It is also a labor of love, truly, written for the 7 ½-pound puppy named Ruby-Mae who gave me a reason to live after a time of prolonged stress followed by a shocking, tragic loss. Her relentlessly buoyant spirit gave me reason to get out of bed. (Oh, plus she has a tiny bladder and needs to go potty frequently.) She helped to heal my bruised and battered heart. As I was posting pictures of my little angel, I noticed she was lifting the spirits of my friends as well. Thus, a calendar was born. We can all use a little sweetness, right? 

This calendar may not be the one to turn to for your Ash Wednesday reminder, but if you want to know when to put tubers in your air fryer to celebrate National Sweet Potato Day (Feb. 22), when World Penguin Day is (April 25, same as Ella Fitzgerald’s birthday) or when National Mental Health Awareness Month is (May), the Ruby-Mae of the Day calendar is the one for you. If you want a calendar that dips into taking care of yourself as its own means to its own ends, this is the one for you, too. Each month, too, you’ll be given gentle reminders and loving challenges to help to set you up for living your most self-loving, honest life. Oh, plus some rather cute pictures. 

There is so much to celebrate in life but we need to first be honest about the messiness. The Ruby-Mae of the Day calendar is messiness and loveliness all in one, just like life itself. I hope you enjoy this calendar as much as I did writing it. 

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