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The Legend of Astridr: Birth - A Creatives Series Novella

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A Legend Born From Love and Magic

Before The Allegiance came Astridr, whose legend began long before her birth.

When the imprisoned seer Sonja is liberated by thirteen Viking warriors, a storm takes the lives of her rescuers and she's left dying and alone. The fae prince Hakon hears her cries--as does Freyja, goddess of the underworld, who arrives to negotiate for Sonja's soul.

In love and sacrifice, Sonja survives to bear a daughter, Astridr--while the bargain between the fae prince and the goddess lays the foundation for an immortal's legend.

This novella contains 5 full-colored illustrations!

"I've read the entire Creatives Series and love it. Well-written, interesting characters, great villain/evil, depth of research is outstanding. Grabbed me from the beginning and I zoomed through all three books and then the novella. Can't wait to read what Mandy writes next!"
Kathleen Kaiser
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