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A one hour, kick-starting, must-read, for aspiring writers. How to successfully write, publish, and market books. Start that new business, career or side-hustle, now! It's easier than you think...

Write that book, what's stopping you? You?

It's time to shine, an audience awaits that unique voice of yours.

This no-nonsense, power-punching, must-have, gives courage, dispels fears, and provides the tools you need to begin your writer’s life.

A straightforward no-frills guide to the killer idea, research, word count, outline arc, characterisation, avoiding procrastination, editing, work habits, and the story-structure plot-points needed for a successful, captivating manuscript.

With practical next-step publishing and marketing solutions, plus candid author anecdotes, Write That Book is an important addition to any beginner’s library. Built from over 20yrs of writing experience, it’s a one hour read that’ll save years of wasted time. A valuable action plan, to return to again and again.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, a private memoire, a how-to guide, launching a business, or grabbing readers by the hand and taking them on a magical journey of escapism, there’s an audience out there waiting for your unique voice.

Follow these simple 12 steps, press the publish button, and bask in the money-can’t-buy glow of self-accomplishment, self-esteem. Bravo, you’re a writer!

Now, on to your next… (not joking, it's addictive!)


5* “Cunningham provides a much-needed pep talk and call to action that will have you inspired and motivated to pick up that pen and get writing!Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, there is so much for writers to take away from this helpful and inspiring guide, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

5* "Write That Book is a crisp guide with easy-to-follow simple instructions for new writers to get started on their journey as an author. It helps to debunk worries and empower them with feelings of self-accomplishment. A short, thorough, supportive, effective, well-written handbook, with plenty of advice, suggestions, and tools. A must-read for an aspiring writer who wants to learn how to start writing, publish, and market their book professionally. I recommend reading in one sitting and then revising it again to make a list of action items to follow. For motivation, read it every few months to keep track of your progress and to give yourself a boost."


Over the past 20yrs S C Cunningham has published 18 books and counting: thrillers, fantasy, steamy romance, crime, how-to, and children’s educational books.

An ex-model, British born of Irish roots, she married a rock musician and has worked in the exciting worlds of music, film, advertising, sports, celebrity management and law enforcement (CID Crime Investigator, Major Crime Team Intel Analyst, Wanted & Absconder Unit Investigator).


The Fallen Angel Series ~ The David Trilogy ~ The Ginormous Series ~ The How-to Series.


Veterans ~ Mental Health ~ Child, Animal, Planet & the Underdog Protection.


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