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The Joy of Photography Vol. 4

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This new 201-page e-book consists of a collection of thirty articles that have been written over the past year. I hope that it will provide you with plenty of food for thought.

- Is Photography Becoming Cheap and Meaningless?

- Why Do We Make Photographs?

- The Artists of World War II (The Ghost Army)

- Don't Forget to Experience Life as You Pursue Art

- Self-Examination as a Photographer

- You Get What You Pay For

- Learning How to Learn

- A Photographer’s Frustrations

- How the Right Tones Effect Your Photographs

- Light Sources and How to Work with Them

- Exploring Photojournalism

- The Barriers that Stop Us from Enjoying Art

- The Best Camera is the Camera that Works with You

- Should You Stick to One Genre or Should You Diversify?

- The Biltmore: A Beautiful Piece of American History You Must See in Person if You Can

- Must Photos Always be Rectangular?

- The Use of Symbolism in Photography

- Reminiscing About Film

- Lessons that Creative People Can Teach You

- Gear That Isn't Related to Your Camera, But That You Should Carry Anyway

- Culture, Permission, and Photography

- Defining Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Photography

- Marketing Photography: The Dream Versus Reality

- Mathew Brady: Photographing the Civil War

- Capturing the Moment

- Congratulations On Your Photo-a-Day Projects!

- The Many Meanings of Perspective

- On Writing and Photography

- The Importance of Scheduling to Beat Inertia

- How To Give Photographs as Gifts
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