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There are a few subjects that really confuse WordPress beginners, but I've made a set of videos explaining how to fix them - so you don't have to!

Contents of this done-for-you video pack:


- WordPress security basics 4:03
- How to deal with plugin conflicts 5:26
- How to display images in the sidebar using plugins 4:08
- How to change the URL structure of your blog posts 0:58
- What are Gravatars and how to manage them 1:58
- How to move your blog from to self-hosted 4:03
- How to install Google Analytics 2:10
- Getting started with the Yoast SEO plugin 6:02
- How to display the correct image when posting a WordPress post to a Facebook page 4:30
- How to get text to flow around images in a post 2:45
- How to set up an XML sitemap 1:57
- How to choose an e-commerce plugin 3:18

Videos recorded Feb to April 2016. All videos are in HD MP4 format with quality audio...and my British female voice, of course! 


- Transcripts for each video (5719 words in total)
- Audio files for each video (MP3 format)

About me, Helen Lindop

I've been a software trainer for most of the last twenty years. I'm a Udemy instructor (almost 2000 students and 40 five-star reviews) and a published author.

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[YES] Can be used in a membership site as long as it's not a PLR site
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[NO] Videos cannot be uploaded to YouTube unless they are edited first
[NO] You may not sell resale rights, master resale rights or sell this product as PLR
[NO] You may not use my name (Helen Lindop) as the author or creator of the product

Important! You CAN upload the videos to sites like YouTube and Vimeo but you MUST edit or add extra content to them first as duplicate content is often against the terms of these sites.

You will get a ZIP (478MB) file