Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal March 2017 Edition : P.D.F. copy

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The Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal offers content whose primary goal is to give the reader an insight as to how to live like a Diplomat while positioning themselves amongst the top 1% in the Social, Political and Economic spheres of the world’s population. Below are the Article Reviews for the Diplomatic Lifestyle Journal March 2017 Edition.

A)     PROFILE SHOPPING : This article enlightens you on how some Luxury Fashion Labels / Shops stereotype people, why they stereotype people and how they generalize the way that they portray people. The article also explains how you can sell products / services through Acclamation, Obstruction and Appearance Profiling. The article further explains what organizations do when it comes to Product Return Policy.

 B)     WEALTH TRADING : This article shows you the basics of Investing and Stock Trading. It also explains the C, C + and C - types of People that you shall encounter in everyday living.

 C)     GATED COMMUNITY EXPLOITATION : This article gives you the intrigues that surround Gated Communities when unscrupulous residents with egocentric ideas decide to influence or manipulate the Residential Decision Making Process or Organs.

 D)     LOAN INTEREST RATES MANIPULATION : This article details how Lending Institutions manipulate Interest Payments, which in turn make it expensive for Borrowers to pay their loans. You are also informed as to how you may find yourself paying for the loan several months past the stated loan clearance date / loan payment duration.

 E)      DRUG DEBUNKING : This article explains the misuse of Nicotine as a drug and the side effects of using it. Nicotine was first used as an agricultural insecticide and is addictive to the user. Always aim at knowing the drug that you are using / want to use to avoid unwarranted health implications that should have been avoided in advance.

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