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Druma Drum sounds for Elektron Analog Four and Keys sysex file

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A sound bank for the Elektron Analog Four, Druma consists of 128 drum and percussion sounds, ranging from Kicks, Snares, Toms to Cymbals and Percussion.

Create killer drum tracks on your Analog Four/Keys with ease. The basic demo clip only shows a very small example of what is possible, the idea being that you make Druma your own, tweak away safe in the knowledge that if you mess up you can simply reload the sound via sysex, as they are provided as single files as well as the whole collection.

No kits or demo patterns, just 128 quality sounds (no gimmicks!) that you can use as-is or use as a basis for your own presets. Comes with 128 individual sysex, all sounds sysex and well documented user guide with tips. Many happy customers including high profile recording artists, visit the Elektronauts forum to read some of the comments by Druma users.

You will get a ZIP (143KB) file
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