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The Art of Homemaking

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Get a Copy of The Laundry List Workbook FREE with Purchase of The Art of Homemaking!

The Art of Homemaking

Homemaking is the management of a household. It involves much more than cleaning, grocery shopping or cooking meals. A successful homemaker manages the home in a similar fashion to running a business. Managing a home isn’t difficult, and can be very satisfying. But it is more than a once weekly dusting and vacuuming.

This is where The Art of Homemaking comes in handy. With 81 pages, it is chock-full of information, forms, charts and wisdom to get you get your started on your own homemaking journey.

There are three sections to the manual. In the first two categories, you will find information on:


  • Cleaning
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Schedules
  • Daily Walk Thru
  • Homemade Cleaning Products
  • Chore Chart
  • Honey-Do Chart
  • Hospitality
  • Record Keeping
  • Time for Yourself


  • Kitchen Equipment Basics
  • Luxury Kitchen Items
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Canning/Preserving
  • Equipment
  • Pectin Levels
  • Altitudes/Elevations
  • Basic Recipes

Homemaking is More than Just Four Walls

For some folks, the home is often limited to four walls. In The The Art of Homemaking manual, the home extends right out the back screen door and into a garden lush with herbs, fruits and vegetables that help us to feed our family. Here are a few things you will find in the third section:


  • Composting
  • Theme Gardens
  • Seed Inventory
  • Garden Design Worksheet
  • and more...

This is just some of the information you will find in The Art of Homemaking. There are also coordinating forms, charts and other bits of wisdom for taking your home from dust rag to a fulfilling lifestyle. The forms can be copied as needed to make updates, or if you just need more than one.

Ready to Learn the Art of Homemaking?

The Art of Homemaking has over 90 pages of information, charts, forms, ideas, and wisdom gathered together in one handy manual.

Download it, and print it off. Using a 3-Ring notebook, start your own Homemaking Binder to have easy access to the information designed to help you take your homemaking skills to a new level.

One of the basic tenets of homemaking is frugal living. With this in mind, The Art of Homemaking has been created in primarily black, white and grayscale. Although a few of the images are in color, most of the manual is designed to save you money in color ink costs. If you are creative, just add your own touch of color!

The Laundry List Workbook

And as you know, most homemakers really are knee-deep in laundry. Are you ready to tackle all those piles? The Laundry List Workbook will help you manage your own pile of dirty clothes with a step-by-step guide - beginning with getting started and all the way through ironing. There is also a section on how to wash your quilts. Get a free copy of The Laundry List Workbook with the purchase of the Homemaking Manual
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (30MB)
  • PDF (12MB)

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