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There are plenty of products on the market that offer to help make dinner faster, cleaning easier, and your garden more productive. If it is a task of the homemaker, you can find something that is touted to make your life ‘simpler’.

But what about the Homemaker? Sometimes it isn’t about putting dinner on the table faster or owning fifty cleaning products that don’t work as well as claimed. What we need is help for us. And we don’t want or need the preservatives, additives, or chemicals. We just want some respite!

That’s where the Homemaker Helper eBook comes in. This eBook has over 100 tips, checklists, recipes, and ideas to help you overcome the maladies that we sometimes suffer – like frustration, burnout, depression, and more.

  • The first chapter, Self-Care, is all about finding ways to help you slow down and breathe. From simple tips to checklists, you will be able to gather your thoughts, take a much-needed break and get refreshed. It even helps you to ‘party’ a little bit
  • Chapter Two – Getting Organized helps you with getting your home decluttered, planning meals, and keeping track of your finances. When a homemaker knows these three areas of her home are under control, it gives her a sense of much needed peace and the freedom to move to other things quickly and easily
  • The third chapter is all about creating a Homemaker’s ‘First Aid’ Kit. You won’t find bandages and antibiotic ointments in this kit. Instead, you will find tips and hints on how to ‘cure’ your frustrations, burnout, and depression. You will also find a section on creating strong and sturdy boundaries.
  • And the last chapter offers a little bit of Extra Gauze Tape to hold it all together with checklists, a list of Positive Affirmations, and several recipes that may not fix the problem, but will at least bring you a few moments of indulgence, refreshment, a reason to celebrate and the perfect ‘cure all’.

And as an added BONUS – you will find links to a second eBook (The Hostess Guide to Planning a Holiday Party) AND get a free 10-page Gratitude Journal!

Are you ready to sit back, read a little, get some great ideas on how to take care of yourself, and create a few simple ‘me’ foods that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and help you feel better?

Then the Homemaker eBook is ready to help you get started!
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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