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Soft-n-Mellow Flugelhorns Vol. 1

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Volume 1 of 2 comes with a HUGE amount of beautiful, RAW melodic flugelhorn lines.  Recorded using only mics, preamp and light compression, you are getting the most realistic sound of the flugelhorn that is possible.  This pack will provide you with 20 folders all recorded at 74BPM filled with melodic, usable flugelhorn lines using a variety of microphones, mouthpieces and horns to facilitate the greatest variety of sound for your productions.  

Just add some lush reverbs, delays or whatever f/x you like, or leave them RAW and you are now able to add REAL horns to your productions!

Tested in sample managers to ensure that you have a fluid experience when building your beats and compositions.

The DEMO track was created entirely within the Loopcloud sample manager.

  • 542MB
  • 304 STEMS/one-shots (loopable)
  • 44.1kHz 24bit MONO .WAV files
  • 74BPM
  • 'Pitchable' up or down approx. +- 4 cents before quality loss
  • Recorded with Shure SM57, MXL R144 and Rode NT1A microphones
  • Played on Schilke, Getzen and Thomann horns using DiOrio, Bach, ACB and RBT mouthpieces.
  • 100% Royalty FREE samples
For inquiries, custom work or any issues, please contact:
You will get a ZIP (489MB) file
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