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memoQ Inside Out: Templates for Translators

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memoQ Inside Out: Templates for Translators

** Please contact me if you are interested in a printed copy **

memoQ’s templates are both very easy to reach and very underappreciated at the same time. By default when you click the New Project icon on the memoQ ribbon, it will start a template-based project wizard, so if you want to manually configure your project, you need to do one extra click to reach New Project command without templates. You can even use one of the default templates not realizing that – memoQ handles a TM and TB for you. If you want to have greater control over your projects, you probably just create them with the wizard without templates and don’t use them at all. You may even tried to tinker with a template, but didn’t found any compelling use scenario worth investing time in getting familiar with templates, so you gave up.  

However, templates in memoQ are extremely useful – they can simplify your daily work by automating various tasks: from metadata pick-lists on project creation, to selection of filter settings based on a file name or location, to backing up your project files or even deleting unused TMs. And the automation can be used even if you prefer sticking to a single ‘bucket’ project per client, instead of creating new projects for each job.

The purpose of this publication is to provide an overview of templates capabilities (for memoQ users with Translator Pro licence), provide examples of template usage scenarios, description of pre-installed default templates, instructions on how to create several types of templates, from very minimal, automating just one or two aspects of project creation or use, to extensive, with multiple pre-defined settings and automation. A detailed description and discussion of all template-related settings is also included as a reference.

This e-book does not cover server-related template features available with Project Manager license – a separate publication is in the works.

Buy this book if:

  • You don’t see a point of memoQ templates
  • You do use the default templates, but you would like to know more on how they work and maybe customise them
  • You want to know how to use templates for more efficient and safer work
  • You are interested in automatic pre- and post-processing of files imported to memoQ
You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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