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LLC furniture store underpit crutches -Elena-

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23:06 minutes long. 2k quality. Sound on.

Her shoe size is 40 EU / 9 US. She is 1.70 cm tall. Her toenails are painted red.

During the video she is crutching using underpit crutches with her toes exposed and using a plaster angled LLC.

At first she is leaving the car and crutching in the parking lot. Then is enters inside a huge furniture store and is crutching for a long time. Then she is crutching upstairs and accidentally hits her toes on the ground what causes her a lot of pain.

Then she is resting her leg in a sofa with a great close-up shot of her sole and toenails, also rubbing and tapping her casted leg. She is also hopping for a few minutes really aggressive.

At the end she is crutching dowstairs really good even that her entire leg is casted. Finally she is crutching, leaves the store and gets into the car.

You will get the following files:
  • TXT (95B)
  • MP4 (3GB)