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Increasing Business IQ : A 10-Day Tax Devotional on Keeping Records and Books of Account & Maintaining Tax Compliance

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This book is intended to answer some of the fundamental challenges that plague small business owners, and which lead to their greatest losses, frustrations, anxiety, and pain. Why do I have to pay taxes? How can I pay less tax? What should I do to avoid problems with the tax authorities, especially the IRS? As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

The books in the Increasing Business IQ series address these pain points by diving straight into the subject matter. No lengthy descriptions, no mind-numbing definitions, minimal use of accounting jargon, and easy-to-understand illustrations. These books may be used as part of your early morning routine or daily rituals, one topic at a time. Each chapter is a 10-minute read and contains practical applications of the concepts discussed.
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