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Garro: Collection Books 1-6

Explore Garro's thrilling adventure from the Galaxy’s End to the End Times to the battlefeild and treachery at Mortem 1 to the shocking battle of the Infernus System.

This is a science fiction and fantasy boxset that you do not want to miss!


Garro: Galaxy’s End
The galaxy is burning with the flames of war as humanity is relentlessly besieged by the Order; a group of four lethal alien races each with their sinister motive; as they seek to enslave humanity.
When Grand Master Garro of the Magi Order; humanity's group of magical individuals; and his team of superhumans stumbles across a plot to decimate the Galaxy bring back an ancient horror.

Garro: Rise of the Order
Upon learning the location of his parents Garro it as a daring reason to attack the Iarannthan Homeworld to conquer it but as the fighting gets more intense and the situation gets direr. As darker forces plot to destroy the veil between the living and Undead realms.

Can humanity and the Iarannthans part aside their differences to stop a plot that could annihilate both their races?

Garro: End Times
Earth is burning and besieged on all fronts.
The Order are making their make towards Earth with all their fury and they will leave no survivors. This is the day humanity burns.
The Undead pour into reality as the veils between worlds become too thin to hold them back.
Garro and his forces race across the stars to save humanity, but will they be enough to save them when ancient foes and the Order come for them?
But will your favourite heroes live or die?


Garro: Heresy

After 40 years of peace, the Republic has never been stronger or more prosperous.

But now the Galaxy is burning.

Riots, slaughters, and assassinations are spreading like a plague throughout the Republic and nobody knows who or what is behind these attacks, but as these threats grow in intensity and as multiple high-profile figures are assassinated. Garro is dispatched to investigate.

However, as he explores this conspiracy more and more Garro discovers that nothing is as it seems and everything he has believed in has been a lie!

As dead people return, friends become enemies and the match is lit that will set the Galaxy aflame but can Garro stop the conspiracy before its true aim is fulfilled.



Garro: Faithless

With the Galaxy burning bright and all major systems besieged by the heretics, Supreme Grand Master Jeremy has his sight set on the Forgeworlds as without these critical worlds then the Republic is crippled.

However, there is hope- The God Magi has been revealed to the Galaxy but as the heretics, Undead and traitors within the Republic focusing on the Forgeworlds, she must use all of her holy gifts. Yet enemies are everywhere…

Meanwhile, with Garro being deemed a heretic by his own Order and the Republic, he is alone. He is Faithless. He is nothing.

However, with Kortana hunting a weapon to end the galaxy, Garro must push on but when his hunt leads him into the hands of the God Magi’s magic hating Inquisition. Garro must quickly figure out a way to survive and prove that he is not a heretic.

Before Kortana finds her prize and ends the Galaxy.



Garro: Destroyer of Worlds

The God Magi’s forces may be pushed back but they are not defeated so they prepare themselves for a final stand, but when the God Magi learns the location of the Supreme Grand Master, she is determined to end him. Yet does Jeremy know of this and if so what waits for the God Magi at this mysterious location?

Meanwhile, with Kortana and Garro knowing the location of the Virus of A Thousand Nights, it’s a race against time before Kortana finds and uses the Virus to end all life. But does she have another plan for the Virus?

Whatever happens, Garro and his allies must quickly learn the truth about what’s actually going on in the universe before the unthinkable happens and the Galaxy is changed forever!


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