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Reiki Master/Teacher (Level 3) Manual PDF

The complete manuals, teaching you all you need to know at Reiki Master level, including guidance for delivering your classes (level 1, 2, and 3). You will receive 2 PDF manuals, written by Natalie and Gil Dekel.

Table of Contents
Reiki 3, Master Manual:

Who is a Master?

What you will learn.

Usui’s Vision of Reiki Mastership.

Reiki History.

The Symbols.

Cho-Ku-Rai (CKR).

Sei-He-Ki (SHK).

Hon sha Ze ‎Sho nen ‎‎(HSZS)‎.

Usui Master ‎Symbol - ‎Dai Ko Myo ‎(DKM)‎.

Tibetan ‎Master ‎Symbol - Dai Ko Myo ‎(DKM)‎.

The Fire ‎Dragon.

The Spirit Column.

The Mental ‎Spiral

The Heart ‎Chakra ‎Symbol - Shi Ka Sei Ki ‎‎(SKSK)‎.

Grace ‎Symbol

The ‎Emotional ‎Butterfly‎.

Streaming ‎Knowledge‎.



Reiju Empowerment (Attunement)‎.

Western Reiki Attunement.


The Dantien.



Reiki Grid.


Effective way of ‘healing’ people.

The microcosmic orbit circuit

Microcosmic Orbit meditation.

The Violet Breath.

Energy Techniques.

Psychic surgery.

Blood exchange technique (Keteuki Kokan).

Usui Self-treatment.


Smoothing down the aura.


White light flame.

Hatsu Rei Ho.

Many-hands technique.

Protective dome.

Passive method.

Active Reiki method.

Focusing Ki into a laser beam.

Reiji Ho Mudra – the cone.


Koki Ho - Breathing.

Gyoshi Ho - Gaze.


Meditations Techniques.

Symbols meditations.

Chakra balancing – with the fire dragon.

Lotus Repentance meditation.

One-Minute Exercise.

Reiki Yoga Meditation.

Reiki Principles.

Short Reiki Glossary.


Further Resources.


Table of Contents
Reiki 3, Teacher Supplement Manual:

How to teach Reiki?.

The microcosmic orbit circuit.

The Violet Breath.

Reiki 1.

Lesson process and advice – Level 1.

Reiki 1 Plan & Schedule. 1

Reiki 2.

Lesson process and advice – Reiki 2.

Reiki 2 Plan & Schedule.

Reiki Master/Teacher (Level 3)

Lesson process and advice – Reiki Master/Teacher (Level 3).

Reiki 3 Plan.

Reiju Empowerment (Attunement) – step by step instructions.

Western Reiki Attunement – step by step instructions.

Further Resources.


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