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Sentina SLWC (SLWC) Take a Picture of My Casted Toes, It Lasts Longer (HD 1920X1080)

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Sentina’s friend convinces her to go outside in her unbalanced cast foot with her toes hanging out of it. At first, she is unsure of herself, but her crutch cane provides her balance. To take her mind off her strange walk and people checking her out, Sentina’s friend convinces her to pose for some photographs in her casted foot. Sentina obliges and vogues for the camera while her friend takes a bunch of different shots with her posing on one leg with her cast leg up, as well some closeup cast toe shots. Once Sentina looks relaxed they continue their public walk by the river.

LENGTH: 15 minutes
SIZE: 1100 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 10/17/19 

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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