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Devon (VRChat Quest/PC Optimized Avatar)

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NSFW version of my free model Devon!



MEDIUM performance ranking
Audiolink emissions
Hair color change
Skin color change
Toggles for all clothing and accessories

You MUST enter your Discord ID & VRChat name in order to download. You are not allowed to resell this model. You are not allowed to claim this model as your own. Do not share, redistribute, or make public, if someone asks where you got it revert them to my Gumroad or my public avatar world please! 

Please read the text file included on how to upload the model for quest if you've never done it before!


Body: Pandaabear#9873
Head: Sugs#9795
Body Texture: Uni#1369
Body Emission Texture: Alease#8983
Pants: nepnewp#4664
Top and Hair: B o o#8584
Shoes: Darcy#0005
Chain: Jana#9999
Glasses: Eliza#1337
Hat: Hayweee#1999
Pasties: Ulti#6398
Panties: Q.#1214

You can also find Devon in my public quest compatible optimized avatar world! 

Join my Discord for updates, new free model/giveaways every milestone!
You will get the following files:
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