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Mystery Box Challenge Ebook

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Do a Chopped mystery basket challenge at home with this step-by-step guide!

A Chopped Challenge is a competition made from the Food Network show, Chopped*.

The challenge is to get a basket filled with random mystery ingredients, then combine all the foods in the basket into a creative dish!

Taste each team’s creation then use the judging score cards to find out who is the winner!


✔️ Easy to follow instructions on how to do a mystery box challenge
✔️ Variation ideas for different group sizes, ages, abilities, food availability, and more
✔️ List of mystery basket ingredient ideas with bonus ingredient ideas never seen before! (vegan, vegetarian, allergy friendly options)
✔️ Printable judging sheets that you can use again and again

A mystery box challenge  is a fun way to use up random pantry ingredients and get your family involved in cooking!

This is the perfect way to reduce food waste and use up pantry ingredients you didn’t even know you have, or don’t know why you bought! Instead of being disappointed by a weird meal with ingredients you wouldn’t normally pair together, make it into a creative game and get the whole family involved!

Perfect for:

✔️ Groups of 2 or more
✔️ All ages
✔️ Family friendly or date night!
✔️ Play at home or use the activity for a cooking demo or class
✔️ Vegans, vegetarians, or omnivores

*this product has no affiliation to the Food Network, Chopped, or any other likeness.
You will get a PDF (515KB) file