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Here at Bowens Human Performance we keep it simple... in regards to gaining size we LIFT BIG TO GET BIG!! Keeping movement efficiency in mind, the SIDEWALK SMASH program blends qualities of sport performance and bodybuilding to create your dream physique! Packed with a nutritional guide, sample meal plan and supplement implementation schedule and professional grade training program, we have come up with the formula to build serious muscle and strength while greatly improving body composition.


We believe that your body isn’t segmented so you shouldn’t train that way. Here we train legs EVERYDAY along with other movement patterns that are broken up into pushes and pulls. The combination of the two will create your four day training schedule for the next four weeks. Stretching also plays a major part in movement efficiency, so between each exercise you will stretch DURING your rest time. We believe in no wasted time in the gym. Recovery has not been overlooked either. We have built in a recovery day each week to prepare you for the second half of your training week. Read the recovery section thoroughly to ensure to receive FULL benefits of this program.

The program is simple, professionally programmed and trail tested and if you commit 100% you will get 100% of the results!!


Nutrition is key in getting the most out of the SIDEWALK SMASH training program. One could have the best program known to man but a lack of discipline in the kitchen will be detrimental to your progress. The SIDEWALK SMASH program gives you a guide of what to but at the grocery store along with how and when to eat each meal throughout your day. Each person’s life is set up differently so adjust the times available to match your own personal lifestyle.


We play NO games when it comes to giving you guys QUALITY training programs and we want to stress the importance of work ethic with the SIDEWALK SMASH program. Butt-in-gym time is what will be needed to conquer this program and be on your way to an extremely put together physique. We ask that you get HUNGRY and come to the gym each day READY TO ROLL and get the most out of each training session. We PROMISE if you give 100% effort the SIDEWALK SMASH program will give YOU crazy results!!!


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