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Rosie's Rebellion

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Rosie's Rebellion - Book Three in the Home At Last Trilogy

She's a resilient Irish actress, battling to feed her family.

He's a wealthy heir, in hiding after shooting a man in self defense.

When illness and a prospective lynching freeze them in a hostile stalemate, she must lean on all of her street smarts to save him.

But will it be at the cost of her heart and happiness?

Will these lovers-in-denial win through, face their fears and admit the truth before it’s too late?

1872 San Francisco: Rosie Kelly’s heart’s desire is to become a star on stage so she can support her ailing sister back in New York. When she suffers an injury and is dropped from the show, the charmer she’s categorised as a naïve rich boy arranges doctors for her crippled sister.

Alejandro de Vile was targeted in a home invasion that bewilders him, because he has no quarrel with anyone. But he's certain Spanish pretty boy Dionisio Garcia wasn’t involved, and he can’t understand why Rosie’s playing up to the flamboyant Romeo.

With his life at stake, Alex must rely on Rosie's street-smarts and resourcefulness to navigate the treacherous world of the "Paris Of The West," where power lies in the hands of the ruthless Bram Gordon and his henchman, the ambitious Garcia.

As Rosie and Alejandro race against time to expose the conspiracy, they discover a budding romance between them, fraught with misunderstandings and conflicting loyalties. Together, they must confront their own fears and insecurities while battling the dangerous forces that threaten to tear them apart.

Rosie’s proud spirit tells her Alex’s opinion doesn’t matter, as long as she can unravel the tangled web of murder, bribery, and fake documents in time save him and repay her debt to him for her sister’s care.

Confronting murders, attempted abductions, historical lies and bitterness, she races to uncover the seeds of destruction sown a generation ago, while ignoring her savage hurt inside.

Rosie's Rebellion is electrifying third book in the Home At Last trilogy Immerse yourself in a world of intrigue, danger, and the enduring power of love and loyalty in this captivating page-turner..

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