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Becoming Her Over Everything Guide and Tutorial

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The Becoming Her Over Everything 21-Day Guide was created to help you:

  • Truly rediscover what it is you want out of life with questionnaires and action steps to help you transform, shift your identity, and build momentum to become her
  • Create a solid foundation for your life with a game plan to help you achieve your goal of becoming her
  • Identify where you are now and where you want to be and create a plan without overwhelm  
  • Discover that self-care is not selfish and how to effectively put yourself first without feeling guilty or neglecting your loved ones
  • How to set goals that resonate and align with the woman you are becoming
  • How to use spiritual law to work for you and not against you on your journey to becoming her
  • How to embody the woman you are becoming so you can walk in purpose

What's Included:

  • Step-by-step guide (over 150 pages): walking you through the inner work to identify your needs and wants, acknowledging your perception of yourself, your patterns, and your behaviors, getting in alignment with your purpose and who you desire to become, and taking the necessary steps and time to make it happen with clarity and confidence.
  • Training Tutorial: Along with the guide, you'll have access to the training tutorial which is a video that deepens your understanding of the transformation process and how to sustain it.
  • Audio File: If audiobooks are your thing then you will love this audio file of the training tutorial, making it easy for you to listen to the guide on the go or during your hour of power.
  • Lifetime updates: For a limited time the first 100 people will get lifetime access to updates. Life happens and I want to make sure you are ready and equipped with resources to not just survive but thrive and continue to transform into the woman you are called to be.

Becoming Her Over Everything is vital to unlocking the life you desire, transforming your current reality, embodying the woman you are called to be, and sustaining the lifestyle! It's time to step into a life of peace, abundance, and ease! Congratulations...You Are Her!!