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Have you ever wondered about the connection between Essential Oils and Astrology - is there such a thing? Well yes there is! Choosing essential oils based on your starsign can have more of a beneficial value to you - why? Everything is vibration and energy, so your body system has it's own energy and vibration, your thoughts are sending out vibrations, your body is sending out energy... then the essential oils have their own vibrations which coincide with the vibrations of the planet that - that plant is ruled by. So our bodies have a ruling planet ie: Virgo ♍ = Mercury. The plant Lavender is ruled by Mercury. Therefore the essential oil is ruled by Mercury. Essential oils are plants, - extracts from the most potent part of each plant i.e.: the root, the leaves, flowers, resin, bark, fruits, peels, etc. You will also notice that the time of year that the plant flowers often coincides again with the star sign of that month.

This book is a quick look into the history of aromatherapy and astrology with the signature oils for each star sign. You can choose the essential oil for your sun sign, your moon sign, or your rising sign. Go with the one that resonates most with you, then you can go ahead and try some more oils in the same kind of family as the one you tried for your sign. So if you are a Virgo sun sign and are drawn to Lavender you could keep trying the floral oils, eg. Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Chamomile, Helichrysum, Neroli - to name a few. Magical things happen when you follow your intuition and make blends you love that match you and your physical, emotional, and spiritual makeup!

You will get a PDF (86MB) file