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... is "Lying" there is a "Porn" scene in the bas-relief of "Borobudur" .... This publication must be "Stop" ..... Don't close the "Facts" to the glories of the Old Archipelago

There are 160 basic relief panels published with the naming "Karmawibhangga" using an interpretation of the text "Mahakarmawibhangga", but not completely following the text
, Bernet Kempers 1970: 151 & 1976

The basic relief photographed by K. Cheppas 1890 was then closed in 1891, with the consideration that it would collapse, but no "Crack" was displayed ...
● Virupã
● Mãhéçãkhya
● Vyąsąda, äbhídya, mītthyädrstï
● Kųsălă
● Sûvãrnăvărnă, ćaityãvãndãnä
● Māhojáskásámådhânà, şuşvârâ
● argavarga, bhă .... (unreadable)
● argavarga, bhă ... (unreadable)
● Mãhěs (şă) khyãmădhãnä
● Cākrāvārtį
● Şvąrggã
● Măhē (şä) khyãsãmãvâdhąną, ğhæntä
● Çãkrãvãrtï
● Şabdåsråvānā
● Şvãrggã, bôghį
● Prásáditâ, vàstràdãnã
● Şvãrggã
● Kųsãlädhãrmãbæjănā
● Bhőgį
● Şvãrggã
● Pātākā
● Ádyâbhógì
● Şvãrggã
● ... tąná ... unreadable
● Şvãrggã
● Ćhätrădãnã ... mähãnă
● Şvãrggã
● Şvãrggã, pűspādānā
● Şvãrggã
● Mąlądhănã, bhõgì, şvãrggä
● jnjálï

There are 12 words "Şvãrggã", not written the word, "Jannah" or "Nirvana", this proves that the language and teachings that are the originals of ours are native to the Indonesian Archipelago, Literacy text words "Şvãrggã", these are not from Arabic or India

The word "Svargga" is the original word of the Archipelago because it does not have a declination in the form of a locative case, namely "Svarge" or "Svargge", the writing of this inscription is not in accordance with the grammatical "Sanskrit Panini" and concerning declination if the word is nominative with additional examples in the case 'h' or 'Visarga', Macdonell 1954: 371 & Zoetmulder 1995: 1169

● In the source of the lontar quote "Geguritan Bhima Svargga", this Svargga Loka is understood to be a holy realm, the blessings of the Gods as a temporary stopover for people with good spirits.

"Svarggaloka" is a third world filled with light and happiness which is home to saints. In the "Putru Pasaji" ejection, it is said that there is a realm of gods and goddesses "Svargga Manik"

The literary text "Şvãrggã" is the native language of the Archipelago, "Suargo" or "Svargga", Svãrggãloka, Kādəwãn, Kâyângân, Svârggã ... which later were absorbed into the word "Heaven" ..... this is the proof

● In Islamic Eschatology, "Akhirah / Akhirah" (الآخرة) is used to term life after death, "Jannah" (جنّة) is the concept of "Heaven", whereas the meaning of "Jannah" in Arabic is "Gardens" not found in the text literacy of the word "heaven" in the scriptures

● In "Vedas" it is said that Swarga is a "third world" full of light and light which is the abode of the gods termed "Swarga Loka"

Bhagawad Gita said: "Swarga" is a temporary stopover "After enjoying extensive Swarga, they returned to the world", Swarga as a temporary pleasure place, while true happiness is the union of "Atman" / Soul with "Brahman" the Creator

● the Venerable Siddartha Gautama, explained "Buddhism" as a raft which, after floating on the river, would allow the passenger to attain "Nirvana / Nibbana" is the highest happiness

Happiness "Nibbana" cannot be experienced by pampering the senses, but by calming it, "Nibbana" is not a place, "Nibbana" is not an absence or extinction "Nibbana" is not a "Heaven" or "Svargga"

So ... the word "Paradise" is not from India or Arabic, this word is the result of absorption from the teachings and the native language of the archipelago namely Svârggã ..... which colors India

Do not close the "Facts" to the glory of the Old Archipelago, ... is "Lying" there is a "Porno" scene in the basic relief of Vhwănā Çhaķâ Phalā which is now published as Borobudur ...

By: Santosabapiliang
(Datuok Panglimo Soko)
Book Info: WA +6281321329787

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