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Cellini Rick Rack Ninja Star Beading Tutorial

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A tutorial for my Cellini Rick Rack Ninja Star. This uses peyote stitch to create a zig zag round which is then doubled and finally formed into a star. Will suit advanced intermediate level beaders who have experience with cellini peyote, and who have a good control of thread tension. Please note this tutorial is definitely not suitable for beginner beaders, and that it is in English.

The twenty four page tutorial contains a full materials list, with suggestions for colour schemes, and every step is fully illustrated with a detailed diagram showing thread paths etc, as well as being written out clearly. It includes instructions for a 'normal' peyote start, for cast starts from your own CGB spines, pods or existing rick racks, as well as instructions for casting from a partially completed Ninja Star yourself.

The finished star is 7cm in diameter and can be worn as a pendant or perhaps hung as a decoration.

You will need:
  • 1 14mm Round Rivoli
  • Seed beads in sizes 15, 11 and 8 in small quantities and a range of colours. Exact quantities are shown on my website
Beadweaving needles, thread of your choice, scissors.

An alternative, larger version has now been added to the tutorial, it measures 9.5cm across. For it you will need:
  • 1 18mm Round Rivoli
  • Seed beads in sizes 11, 8 in small quantities and 12g of 6s (or 120 3mm fire polished rounds) in a range of colours. Exact quantities are shown on my website

The tutorial will available through Payhip for you to download as a PDF as soon as possible after Payhip detects a cleared payment.

As a beader who designs and sells largely to support my own out of control bead buying habit, you may make from my tutorials to sell (in small quantities only) so you can buy lots more beads (and tutorials), but please ensure you give me full credit as designer.
Please do respect my rights as a designer and do not pass finished pieces off as your own design, teach the design, or reproduce this tutorial or the images in it in any way.  Thank you!
You will get a PDF (18MB) file