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This set includes the following 4 classic clips from CCC:

Black LLC Charifall, 41.5 mins. (c. 2011), This quintessential clip begins with a couple angles of her laying on the kitchen floor having fallen off a chair. One from an onlookers perspective, and one from hers, which reveals her neon green toe polish as she removes (painfully) her shoe from her leg, which she's not sure exactly what's wrong with it as she calls a friend for help. We don't have to wait too long to find out as she crutches into the apartment with a classic full leg cast that extends even beyond the top of her already short shorts.  The cast matches her nails as she flexes her toes calling her mom to tell her all about the turn her day took.  Eventually she has to make her way to campus which requires her to crutch down two lengthy flights of stairs which she does proficiently.  She then crutches to the car, (there's a POV clip while she's waiitng to be picked up) before hobbling into a drug store to buy a silver marker for friends to sign her cast.  We then see some extended crutching on campus with her backpack on, some cast talk as she sits down and tells you about the challenges, and then more crutching down a hill and into another building where she tells you again about her cast and shows off her signings.  In the next scene she loses her athletic running shoe for a flip flop as the top of her shorts conceal the top of her cast as she crutches up a hill to the car. We then see her on the central part of campus where she crutches to a picnic table for more toe wiggling cast talk, and a POV where she educates you on why she was needing a full leg cast (to immobilize the joint above and below the break, she says), as well as closeup of her toes wiggling.  She has a great smile, and is gorgeous as she makes her way back to the car. There's two scenes left as she crutches in the student union to check her mail (her shorts bunched up showing the top of her cast) and then eventually her return home where she talks a lot about her toes and the need to keep them clean. A comprehensive cast clip that you will love.

Orange LLC, 10.5 mins (c. 2011), This student-athlete is doing some running to prepare for her season, when she goes to make a cut on the grass she slips and falls, clutching her leg, leaving you only momentarily wondering what's happened as we immediately see her crutching from the clinic in a brand new, bright orange long leg cast, leaving her bare red painted toes exposed.  She crutches to the car, swining her leg all the while, before we see her expert crutching (no stranger to them!) towards a store.  Despite being an expert crutcher, we see her in a wheelchair for some POV showing off her cast, her signings, and wiggling her toes as her friend pushes her. She sits in her wheelchair for a brief scene showing you how to put a fuzzy sock over her cold toes, and also uses her crutches to stand up from her wheelchair to find a sharpie to add signings to her already filled cast. There's more POV of her cast and wheelchair after that, showing you how she tries to cross her legs in the cast. There's more proficient crutching as she makes her way out of the store.  Later she adds a cast shoe and crutches NWB to a bench where the perfect amount of her sole is exposed and her toes wiggle as she tells you about life as a college student in a cast. There's more outside crutching before she makes her way back to the car to show you the different ways she props up her leg in the car.  We end with her crutching inside a restaurant, making her way up the curb, and placing an order, careful not to let her foot down even for a second while making her order.

Red LLC, 31 mins (c. 2011), This clip immediately begins with an athletic college student crutching towards you, painfully, and slowly.  Only the foot and her protruding toes of her bright red cast are showing beneath her blue track suit. The way she crutches leaves you guessing and assuming, that could it be? An full leg cast?!  We promises she's not a bad crutcher, (as you'll see in later scenes) but she really takes her time ambling with her backpack on campus holding her freshly broken and casted leg in front of her, not uncoordinatedly but slow. There is a lot of grimacing before she gets to her first class, crutching painstakinlgy.  Later we see her hop down some steps, use a water fountain, being sure not to let her foot touch the ground, and then prop up her leg, toes in your face, to tell you all about her sports accident.  She is matter of fact and thorough in telling you about her injury.  We pick up later for more, less painstaking and more fluid, faster crutching as her recovery has progressed.  She's really careful to not let those pink painted toes touch the ground as she hobbles all around campus.  Later there's a clip of her crutching to a historical landmark, which requires crutching on gravel and through some unstable terrain. More cast talk is included, before she makes her way back to the car.

White LLC Chairfall, 42.5 mins (c. 2011), Unedited and Uncut with never before seen injury footage and pain footage. The first 10 or so minutes are unedited and uncut showing her getting a chair to retrieve something from a high shelf and her pain after she falls landing with the chair on top of her. There is lots of pain, whining, and lamenting about her leg which she removes the sock from, tries to painfully walk on unsuccessfully.  There are good moments of her hopping to the couch, cradling her leg, and whining in pain as she stares helpless at her bare and broken leg and sweet red painted toes.  She eventually makes a phone call for help before painfully hoping to the door, cradling her leg the whole time.  We see her return, in pain, in a long white full leg cast and sandal.  As she painfully sits on the couch in pain, we are treated to her exposed sole and wiggly toes, which is a theme throughout this clip.  She spends plenty of time lamenting about how this will put a damper on her athletic plans for the Summer, flexing her toes as she does.  Eventually we pick up with her hopping down a flight of stairs and crutching on campus.  She crutches up an accessible ramp to get to class, but we see a ton of her descending stairs before making her way across campus. Later, there is more campus crutching, before she props her now heavily signed full leg cast up on the bench for you to stare at.  She talks all about her injury, recapping the moment it happened, all the way through her saga, wiggling her toes and showing her bare sole all the while.  She also picks up her uncasted leg with bare foot and does a comparison and contrast from you showing her soles the whole time, before some more crutching back across campus that includes crutching up some steps before the clip ends.  She is very chatty and talkative, and this is a classic white LLC on an athletic college coed.
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