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43 One more three in a row

Mastery of just the addition of two numbers and only using numbers up to 20 means learning 20x20 = 400 sums. The task multiplies to 10,000 sums with just addition using numbers up to 100 and then there’s subtraction and...For this task it is not healthy for anyone's brain to use memory alone. Instead, if your child remembers some addition sums and knows the patterns in our number system, they can use their amazingly powerful brain to work out any sum almost instantaneously. Knowing one more can be very helpful, for example to do 9+11, follow the pattern for adding 10 and 9+10 =19, then adjust knowing 9+11 is one more than 9+10.

You might have chanted “five, four, three, two, one, blast off”. Do some chanting with a twist to help your child start discovering one more and one less. When I play the second game I have a job to shout GERONIMO quick enough, hope you fare better! In the next game your child is challenged to make a choice- very powerful for learning. Finally extend the learning with a spotting game adding some fun maths to any journey.

Most of content covered mid year 1 UK

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