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Valve Theory Jazzbox & hollow body pack

Welcome to Valve Theory profiling . An online webstore for the Kemper profiling amplifier

the jazzbox & hollow  pack is suited for all hollow or semi hollow guitars & all jazz guitars and all kinds of pickups. P90 will really shine on these collection

I took a different approach than most profesionnal by using multiple & specifically selected gear ( ATM SS11, FredAmp JCM800 , a Mesa boogie Subway Blues combo , as well as a JTM30 Marshall for most of the CAB part) :

I took most of the time to setup the best tones out of these boxes, that lead me to this ultimate collection. It's a plug and play solution for your jazz guitars.

It's a collection of 29 rigs - you'll find an audio demo above. The demo pack cointains 3 profiles from this pack.

About the demo : all samples are raw spdif except parts with drums are post EQd ( to represent a mix context). I did not cheat on these as you may identify huge dynamics on the WAV form , big basses and flaws in play , all of these mostly disapear with a right mix. Most clips feature a single tracked part, then a double tracked , then a lead and a full mix.

If a clean tone lacks of punch , just push the gain a bit , it will liven up your tone.

It' best to disengage all locks before trying my rigs.

Enjoy !

a few details about some profiles :

acoustic 1&2 : preamp style profiles, no cab , really good for strumming & arpeggios, with lots of enhancements available on the fx side (12 strings, widener, adapted chorus...)

clean : an all around clean, ready to be tweaked with classic FXs

clean.funk : classic dry funk tones, and cool FXs like a dist for leads.

clean.superbrite : this one is very close to a fender champ, a bit dry and lacking of body, but with that typical pleasant jangle, records and stacks very well on mixes.

clean.bright : a great clean for live or recording , very open & clear with a great gain course. Lots of FX to suit most situations. : the one jazz players will love, very warm and extremely sensitive to attack & guitar volume, the kind of rig that let you control your tone just by your attack. It also has a fantastic gain course, so you'll achieve creamy leads very easily. Huge tone arsenal at your disposal ! My personal favorite

crunch : all around classic crunch tone with lots of jangle,like a cranked blonde fender). The harmonizer on stomp A will enhance the jangle to Led Zep territory.

crunch.dirty : dirtier than the previous one, best used on single coils and P90 for maximal jangle. cool gain course

drive.dirty : marshall JTM crunch like with a great guitar volume pot sensitivity. The long delay acts as a shimmer pad tool.

crunch.higain : this one is for crafted for stoner rock, transparent drive for rhythm parts with a muff on stomp C. and a widener post FX

drive.chordal : similar to the previous one but best used for chords with majestic dirty vibe.

drive : the classic tube drive cranked amp tone , with all the desired traits we love : warm, sensitive to guitar volume & attack, great gain course ... A great platform for tweaks & pedals that adapts to most guitar, whatever PU you'll use.

lead.dist : classic distorded lead, for all kinds of pickups, wih 4 different dist. stomps for different colors (use 1 at a time).

lead.fuzz : while it's a bit darker and bodier than the previous, you'll have lots of fuzz pedals at your disposal for stoner rock leads, use one at a time !

drive.chordal.lead : directly tweaked tailored from the rhythm one, it shows of tweakable my profiles are : punchy and tight, while retaining some clarity.

lead.dirty : the lead tone with my favorite recti shaper stomp, for instant dirty & slightly fuzzy lead that will make your guitar scream.

lead.tight : super tight & punchy tone, both for leads or heavy rhythm parts, with a typical boogie vibe.

drive Scofield : classic lead tone from this great jazzman , beatifull drive, slight chorus and great verb & delay. This is the tone from the 2nd souncloud demo ( Thanks to Fausto !!!).

Bonus signature tones : these ones were tweaked from the previous ones with one clear aim : mimic the most desirable rock tones you'll find among semi hollow guitar masters : YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED a semi hollow to get the right tone !!!

crunch.Izzy : the fantastic tone from Izzy Stradlin on AFD album, roll of guitar volume to 3 for rhythm and crank it up to heavy and lead tone. Use one of the 2 available stomps for better mix cutting tones on live or recording.

drive.Malcolm : classic dirty ACDC rhythm tone with a transparent drive and lots of sustain, also sensitive to guit. volume . You'll hear all your strings on this one. 3 dist & drive pedals for leads.

drive.GTgood : reducing guitar vol. pot is MANDATORY on this one ! For rock'n roll rhythm part à la Georges Thorogood on ES 125. Add the dist pedal or crank guit. volume for leads. Bad to the bone :)

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