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Food of Love by Sylvia Vetta | ebook

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With food comes love, and with love comes hope: a memoir of post-war Britain but with recipes.

A joy to read — warm and familial, full of lovely sketches and archival photographs. It is a unique journey — deftly articulated — weaving the personal and the public, providing a socio-cultural landscape that is still relevant. There is much to learn from here — digest, eat and imbibe these words with love.
     Sudeep Sen, author of EroText and editor of The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry

Vetta takes us on a lively and delicious journey through her varied and culturally rich life.  Her open-mindedness and generosity shine through. And she completely understands how food and memory are inextricably linked. The recipes are great too.
     Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, London Evening Standard

The Food of Love is a personal history while at the same time it is an honest portrayal of the post Second World War period.  We are faced with our attitudes to class, education, gender, religion, race, politics and the expectations of people’s position in society. It is a serious social comment as well as being amusing and entertaining.  The way food is used to link the chapters is brilliant. 
     Diana Bell, artist

Told with brio and verve, this is an astonishing life story that takes in working-class life in post-war Britain, and the transformation of society in the decades that followed. Encounters with India and China shape a life where enthusiasm for food, art and politics come together in a combination of profoundly serious issues and the laughter of liberation.
     Prof Rana Mitter, Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China, University of Oxford
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