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Tween/Teen Talk Cards

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TWEEN/TEEN TALK CARDS: This deck of cards was created to help TWEENS/TEENS build awareness and find their voice around issues and challenges of growing up including discussions around: adultification, colorism, texturism, racism, self-esteem, healthy relationships, social media, and promoting a growth mindset. There are four primary categories of cards represented by four different colors: Relationships—Pink, Self-Esteem—Orange, Social Media—Blue, Growth Mindset—Green. The deck comes with 52 situation/prompt cards and two I DARE YOU TO: bonus cards. This deck of cards is the perfect addition to family nights, and as gifts for parents and anyone who works with TWEENS/TEENS.  They are a great complement to UNO Dare and Totika/Jenge games. Recommendation for Ages 8 to Adults
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